HACCP Approved

Alpino has been HACCP accredited and certified for over 15 years.

Alpino always has had food safety as the first priority on their list and is an A Rated Factory.

What is HACCP?

HACCP Australia is a leading project management company which designs, implements and manages food safety programmes (FSPs) for organizations in the food and food related industries.

HACCP Australia Food Safety Accreditation provides a recognised endorsement of food safety excellence. This endorsement offers assurance to the industry a product’s suitability for use within a HACCP-based food safety programme.

(the above was taken from and written by http://www.haccp.com.au/ for more information please click the link)

Kosher Certified

Alpino is proud to announce that it has been awarded Kosher certification for dairy and non-dairy products.

Although this symbol is primarily sought be Jewish consumers, it is also globally recognised by a high volume of Chinese, Indian, Islamic, diet conscious and vegetarian consumers.

What is Kosher

The term Kosher means proper or fit. It has nothing to do with the Rabbi's blessing.

Dairy Kosher includes milk and all its derivatives. Milk from a non-Kosher animal, e.g. pig or camel, is not Kosher. Milk must be guaranteed to be sourced from a Kosher animal only. Even a very small amount of dairy (or its derivatives) in a product gives that product a “dairy” status. Furthermore, food processed with heat on equipment previously used for a dairy product, acquires dairy status unless the cleaning process complies with kosher sterilisation.

(the above was taken from and written by http://www.kosher.org.au for more information please click the link)

What is real Gelato?

Our Philosophy is to make our high Quality Real gelato.

Not a pre-mix packet Gelato. For the inexperienced, Gelato is an Italian ice cream that is denser and tastes richer than regular ice cream. The Philosophy is to less fat than most premium ice creams, because it’s typically made with whole milk instead of cream. The dense quality comes because very little air is whipped into it, unlike standard ice cream. Gelato generally has less than 35% air - resulting in a dense and extremely flavoursome product. The Suagr content is Lower and the quality ingredients are much higher. We stick to our quality Philosphpy and serve it straight you to you.

When quality Gelato is served, it melts into a cream substance, not into a watery substance.

When a product you are consuming turns inrto a watery substance, the manufacturer has stretched out the base as much as they possibly can, by adding more water than milk or cream. The only product that should melt into water is a sorbet, as this is a water base product. Ina good gelato minimal separation occurs, due to a good pasteurisation process, whish fuses all the ingredients together.

The texture in the mouth with gelato is of substance and body and should not melt instantly.

. If it does it is not gelato! A gelato that melts with more than 50% water, is a not real artisan quality Italian gelato. This shows bad quality and falsification of true Italian gelato.

When the colours in a gelato are overwhelming, there are additives in the gelato. This is not pure or natural and enhancers have been used. Additives of colours, give a strong, vibrant look to gelato. But when natural flavour (i.e.: fruit pastes etc.) is mixed with a white base, the colours should be slightly diluted, as two substances are mixed together.

The same occurs for the flavours, when mixing fruits or nuts, with the milk base, flavour becomes fused and combined with the milk,(emulsified) therefore resulting in a combined taste. This is an overall product. Overwhelming tastes have been enhanced and is not the correct or natural way of producing gelato.

Alpino uses only natural colours and ingredients and follows strictly the guidelines of gelato.

We are genuine artisan gelato makers, and offer quality and pure substances in our gelato. We are a manufacturer that uses the correct ratio’s of ingredients to air, and do not substitute our standards for gimmicks, or additives.

We have been using the same recipe for over 55 years and are proud to be supplying real gelato to Australia, the élite a lists to the general public still, to this day.

No Premixes

Alpino Gelato Says "NO" to premixes.

Alpino Does not use packet mixes, where you just add water. Alpino uses fresh, quality ingredients, the traditional Artisan way.

Everything is measured and weighed. No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. No creaming agents or volumising agents. Just real milk, fruits and high quality chocolate and nuts.

The same secret Recipe for over 55 years. We only serve you natural, high quality, Gelato Excellence.

Nutritional facts

  • 90% FAT FREE
  • 100% GUILT FREE
  • No creaming agents
  • No pre-mixes
  • No volumising agents
  • 100% natural
  • NO artificial PRESERVATIVES
  • Gluten Free
  • No Gelatine
  • Sorbets- milk/ lactose free