Individual Portions

  • Cassata

    This Classic dessert has been Alpino’s most famous Line. Winning many awards, the classic Cassata Terrine consists of: Dutch Chocolate Gelato, Torrone tutti-frutti gelato and Vanilla Crème’ gelato, with an amazing, Alpino’s very own secret, liqueur sponge Centre. This dessert Caters for the young and young at heart.

  • Baby gelato cones

    Delicious bite size mini gelato cones. Assorted gelato and sorbet flavours covered in fine chocolate. You can have a choice of adding sprinkles or not.

  • The original Banana stick

    The original Banana stick was one of the first Gelatos ALpino brought to Australia. The most popular of all Gelatos that are ordered weeks in advance. Divine Banana Gelato covered in rich dark chocolate.

  • Mocca Nera

    For all those who love their coffee and Chocolate, here is the dessert for you. Amazing Italian Coffee Gelato, combined with beautiful, highest graded Dutch Chocolate. To finish, the Mocca is covered in a rich Dutch Chocolate Shell. This is the ultimate indulgence for anyone.

  • Bacio D’Amore

    A dessert that is a Kiss of love, as the name states. The most smooth hazelnut gelato, with a beautifully rich chocolate and rhum heart, covered in a Dutch chocolate shell. One of Alpino’s most popular lines. (Also Available in white Chocolate)

  • Rock melon Shell

    As the name suggests this is Rock melon Sorbet on it’s own natural Shell. The sorbet made from it’s fruit. The most refreshing dessert to finish a meal. Please Note: These are Seasonal to the summer months.

  • Lemon Shell

    Lemon Sorbet, Tasty, Light, refreshing and a great palate Cleanser after any meal. Alpino’s Lemon has won numerous awards, and this dessert is one of the most popular fruit lines that Alpino continues to produce to date. The light Lemon sorbet, wins over young and old, and is presented in a beautiful Natural Shell. Please Note: These are Seasonal to the summer months.

  • Pineapple Shell

    For those nights, when the heat is intense, indulge your senses with a beautiful Soft Pineapple Sorbet. The amazing Fresh flavour from the fruit allows you to experience this dessert like never before. Tantalizing flavour from the pineapple pulp, presented in its own natural shell. What more could you ask for! Please Note: These are Seasonal to the summer months.

  • San Marino Tiramisu’

    This delicate Semi – freddo is a tiramisu’ lovers dream. Beautiful sponge soaked in an array of traditional liqueurs and rich Italian coffee, brings this dessert to life. Finished with chocolate shavings. This dessert is flavoursome and decadent. Please note, this dessert contains egg.

    Semi- Freddo- This is a dessert that is intelligent in its combination. The first Layer of this dessert is a smooth liqueur crème’, it’s second layer is a gorgeous coffee liqueur sponge , finished with a delicate Italian Espresso Coffee Crème’. Amazing, Amazing amazing!!!!

  • Passione’

    This Is the Dessert of Passion, the Passion Fruit. The Soft passion Fruit Sherbet is divine in presentation and taste. The Centre is of The natural Passion Fruits Pulp. The Natural bitter sweet of the passion fruit partners the Dark Chocolate beautifully. The Dessert is an indulgence for all Passion fruit Fanatics.

  • Spumone

    For all this who love their Cassata, you will love the Spumone just as much. This Is a delicate traditional dessert. Consisting of Torrone tutti Frutti Gelato, Glace’ Fruits, sponge liqueur centre, Vanilla crème’ Gelato, finished with amazing Dutch Chocolate Gelato. In its presentation, you can lay this dessert down or stand it beautifully on the plate.

  • Exotic Apple

    Available in two colours, Red and Green. This dessert is a surprise to all. Its amazing apple Sorbet is made from the Apple fruit. It is fresh and cleansing. Its centre Consists of an apple liqueur, which is amazing to taste and very rare. To finish, this dessert is covered in a beautiful Chocolate. Hand painted to look like a green or red apple.

  • Superior Mint

    For all those who love their after dinner mints, here is the most amazing dessert of its kind. The superior mint is made is a delicate mint flavoured Gelato, with a mint syrup centre. To finish it is covered in amazing Dark Dutch Chocolate. What more could you ask for after dinner.

  • Super Mango

    Here I a summer Dessert. This Half mango Shaped gelato is popular all year round. It’s mango pulp gelato is combined with a Mango syrup centre to give you the most amazing Mango dessert. It is then finished with a Mango flavoured Chocolate.

  • Verdello & Lemone D’oro

    Verdello meaning green and Lemone’ D’oro meaning Gold lemon and Alpino’s popular lemon lime range. These desserts are used by the most elite for an amazinf alternate serve, with the benefit or being the most affective palate cleanser in-between or to finish meals. The Lemon and Lime Sorbet are the most popular requests for the summer months. They are both finished with lemon and lime flavoured chocolate. Attractive to everyone’s eye with their naturally coloured outer shell.

    Torroncino Calabrese- A traditional Italian Dessert. Nougat Gelato with beautiful Roasted Nuts throughout it make a beautiful Flavour combination. This Dessert is hand dipped in chocolate to give a beautiful finish with colour and flavour. This dessert is the most saught after in the festive months.

Featured Product

Cuore Matto ™

Crazy Heart. Alpino's trademarked and registered designed invention. This trademarked and Registered design is the most popular out of all desserts. Alpino invented this dessert more than 45 years ago and is still the most sought after dessert for all special occasions, especially weddings. Alpino won the right to trade mark this design on it's originality and the first dessert of this kind to be released. Alpino has still kept the trademarked dessert alive through many ,many years of trade, adapting it to cater for anyone's celebrative needs.

The Cuore Matto ™consists of delicate Vanilla Crème' Gelato, with a gushing Strawberry pulp Centre. Finished in the most delicate white Chocolate. The amazing balance of this dessert is not only elegant, but beautifully catered for everyone's tastes. It's Strawberru centre sets off the white chocolate and vanilla Crème' gelato in a romantic taste sensation. It's simplicity and elegance is the most genius flavour combination of its kind to this day.

This dessert can also be adapted by changing the flavours of gelato and centre. Also the colour of the white Chocolate can be changed to suite your occasions theme, Colours available are, White, Dark Chocolate, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple and Red.

The flavours to choose from are endless. Please look at our 5 litre flavour list and make a choice from any of those flavours listed.

Other flavour combinations for this dessert are:

  • Chocolate Indulgence- Chocolate gelato with a chocolate glace' centre covered in dark chocolate
  • Hazelnut Kiss- Devine Hazelnut Gelato, With a chocolate rhum or plain Chocolate centre, covered in white or dark chocolate.
  • Strawberry Sensation, Strawberry sherbet or gelato, with a strawberry coolie or chocolate galce' centre, covered in a delicate pink or white chocolate
  • Passionate passion Fruit- The fruit of love, for the most romantic night of your life. A delicate Passion Fruit Gelato, with a passion Fruit pulp Centre covered in a soft yellow Chocolate. The most amazing tastes are in this combination.