Cakes & Exclusivities

Gelato Cakes

Alpino Gelato can create a wonderful cake for any event or occasion or you can choose from our portfolio of past delights!

For further details, or to enquire about what our talented team can provide you, please go the contact page and fill in the enquiry form.

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These are special made desserts for or special occasions. These Desserts are made for chefs or for occasions which have over 200 people. These are not desserts that are found on the shelf, but are desserts that are especially madew that are only sold to one client.

The client for which the dessert is made gets a certificate of assurance from Alpino to guarantee that this dessert is not for sale and manufactured exclusively for them. All clients are offered a privacy agreement and their dessert is trialed until they are happy with the look and flavour. Alpino has made many exclusive desserts and the photos below show just some of the exclusivities that have been designed and manufactured by Alpino. (public viewing with consent and agreement with the client).