Australia’s First and Still The Finest

Welcome to Alpino Gelato. We are Australia’s first ever gelato company established in 1955 by Italian migrants who wanted to bring their craft and expertise to Australia.

Alpino Gelato offers more than just traditional Italian artisan quality.

We pride ourselves on offering a true natural quality.

No cheap premixes. No preservatives. Only the finest natural ingredients and we use 100% Australian dairy.

Above all, Alpino Gelato is a classic family favourite, enjoyed by generations of Australians.

We hope you enjoy our range of classic and modern flavours.

Buon appetito!



The Alpino Gelato Range

Since 1955, Alpino has continuously delivered a range of traditional hand crafted Gelato. We are also proud to offer you a large range of modern flavours and sizes to suit any retail, commercial, event or catering requirements.

Timeless classics loved by generations

Vegan Certified Sorbets and healthy Superfoods

Vegan Certified Sorbets and healthy Superfoods

Vegan Certified Sorbets and healthy Superfoods


Only the Finest Ingredients.

Our philosophy is to make high quality REAL gelato. Our secret recipe has been the foundation of what we do, for over 55 years.

Alpino Gelato is not a pre-mix packet gelato. So does it mean to be a real Alpino Gelato? To the unfamiliar, gelato is an Italian ice cream, though more dense, and richer in taste than regular ice cream. The philosophy is to use less fat and whole milk instead of cream. The velvety dense quality is the result, and this is because very little air is whipped into the gelato. Gelato generally has less than 35% air – resulting in a full and very flavoursome product. The sugar content is also lower and the use of quality ingredients is paramount. Our philosophy is to NEVER use pre-mixes, ensuring no gelatine or animal fats exist in our product. There are is no room for pre-mixes in Alpino Gelato. We honour our commitment to quality, ensuring you enjoy the best possible product.




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